"These pictures can be used for meditation and experienced as windows to the Universes of Light.  There is no need for instructions or fixed answers, let  the open mind and the intuitive perception be your guide".   Birgitte Fich

Gallery 1  The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth  /  Peter Fich Christiansen

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©   2014  Peter & Birgitte Fich Christiansen                                                                                                                                                                                                      Built by Y.M Studio, Israel. 

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Lady Master Portia

Ray 7 - Ceremonial Magic & Law. We had the opportunity and allowance to portray Lady Portia, the coming World Mother, in a newer version. The energy and colors are representing the inflow of a higher vibration of the 7th Ray. The Violet Flame is lighter and more sensitive but also powerful and confronting, magical and transforming. These qualities are filled with guidance and showing the Path of uniting the Soul and the Personality, the Path to God and the mantra I AM.