About  Peter

Peter  Fich Christiansen

I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, into a rather ordinary family. I went to school for nine years, passed middle school exam. and wanted to use my hands more. I became an apprentice at a nearby cabinetmaker, now as our family lived some 12 miles north of City, and after 4½ years of labour, I got the certificate of having finished, with a fine test piece of work.

Then it was time for me to do the defence duty for 16 months.

A few years earlier I had become a member of a rowing club. Soon I was into boat race and had success after a few years of hard training, chiefly in coxless pairs, and, to mention a few major competitions, the Olympic Games of 1964-68-72.


From 1965, the hidden side of life caught my attention, and a few years later I began expressing my concepts through drawing and painting. Crudely at first, but I exercised a lot, while also studying art books, so, as an artist, I am self-taught.

I still kept my ordinary job, and to make the story short, in 1983, as I yet was a bachelor, I and a few others immigrated to Australia, and after some initial projects, I now became a full time artist near Melbourne.


But in the early nineties I found that place and energies were against me, and as family and friends in Denmark had been pulling at me, I left Australia in good order, at the end of 1995.

I am now living near my childhood home, at last also living a married life with Birgitte, who happens to be an artist, too.

Somehow, time has been working for me, regarding the avenues of expression which I pursue.