"These pictures can be used for meditation and experienced as windows to the Universes of Light.  There is no need for instructions or fixed answers, let  the open mind and the intuitive perception be your guide".   Birgitte Fich

Gallery 1  The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth  /  Peter Fich Christiansen

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Master Djwhal Khul - The Tibetan

Master on Ray 2. He looks older than the other known Masters, because He has been in the same body in which He took the fifth initiation in 1875. Most of the other Adepts, having taken the fifth in an earlier incarnation, do not age. D.K. is very devoted to K.H. and is overly busy teaching many disciples and World servers, and He works with healing, and inspires philanthropic movements. He dictated a large part of the Secret Doctrine, and the “Alice Bailey books”.